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Sloppy things?
Not with us.

Because when we do it, we do it right.
We know that there is no idea that cannot be realised. The crazier, the better!

For more than 25 years, we have been offering our customer specific solutions such as aluminium construction and steel construction for sophisticated permanent installations as well as unique events, shows and tours.
Of course, we also offer standard solutions such as aluminium trusses, lighting technology, studio equipment and trade show booth construction for the event technology.

Ideas that no one else dares to try?
Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

THE MLT THREE - the new member of the mlt pre rig truss series

The MLT THREE has no closed head frame and is open at the bottom. This makes it easier to mount moving lights or video modules in the truss.

The dolly of the MLT THREE has extended telescopic legs that allow you to mount complete video modules including the hanging frame in the truss and leave them in the truss during transportation. The optional rail system makes mounting the units in the truss even easier.


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Use the MLT TWO pre rig truss! 
The MLT TWO enables you to reduce setup and dismantling times drastically.
Handling can be done with 1 person only.

And last but not least: with the MLT TWO you can create curved truss constructions without extra components.
German efficiency at its best!


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Redefining the art of powder coating

Powder coating is now available directly from us!

Innovation and always looking for the best possible solutions are our focus. And that's why we now have our own powder coating facility.

This gives you greater speed and flexibility when coating your truss.
On request, we can coat your products with our specially developed Heavy Duty coating.


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PG3 Neo –
ONE stand fits all

With the PG3 NEO Design Stand, HOF is setting new standards for multifunctional stands that are second to none.
This applies equally to the technical features and the discrete design: the PG3 NEO Design Stand offers countless mounting options for lighting, video and sound - and all with just one PG3 NEO Set!


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Simple and ingenious - The ByB Boost your Booth System!

The ByB Boost your Booth System is designed for exhibition booth construction, showrooms as well as stores or shops with high demands on appearance and flexibility.

The assembly of the ByB Boost your Booth System is very easy and fast and can be done by 2 persons only. Lighting technology and other equipment such as screens or advertising banners can be positioned flexibly and to the millimetre precise.

Fast. Flexible. Easy to handle.


It’s not an evolution – it’s a revolution!

The new Monobloq rigging system is going to revolutionize the way of rigging:
All you need is a single fix cable plus Monobloq to create your hanging point. The patented system allows a cable adjustment in seconds and the installation of up to 8 bridles per hour with 2 technicians.

Safe. Quick Adjustment. Easy to handle.



20 TonS ON 30 METRES.
THE BBT - Big Boys Toy Truss

150 meters of truss in a truck?!
The BIG BOYS TOY TRUSS makes it possible!

The BBT is the strongest aluminum truss in its class and can take 60% more load than previous comparable trusses. Strong as shit.

At the same time, the BBT offers enormous flexibility with minimal volume.

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POST Dolly stands for POpup STage Dolly.
Because the POST Dolly is not just a transport dolly. It‘s part of the stage layout.

On the one hand it is a simple but effective Dolly.
On the other hand the POST Dolly provides various possibilities to create different stuctures and layouts on stage.

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It's a freaking grid truss!

The 200-2 Grid Truss offers maximum flexibility as it can be used both as a hanging system, or as a ground supported system.
Of course the system can also be used as a simple 2 point truss.

It can be used both for studio ceilings and studio walls, for exhibition booth constructions, stage platform constructions as well as for special constructions.

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Specially developed for the trade show lighting sector, where high light output and the right colour temperature are of great importance to create the right atmosphere: the XOOP EL451.TW.

With its 450 Watt LED output, it has a really powerful output - we think: "DAMN (B)RIGHT".


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Unser Standard: Abnormal stark!

Wir bei HOF können nicht nur Sonderkonstruktionen, sondern selbstverständlich auch Standardtraversen.
Wir haben für jeden Anwendungsbereich etwas dabei, ganz gleich ob Ihr Konusverbinder-, Gabelverbinder- oder Schraubverbindertraversen benötigt.
Ganz besonders stark: ab sofort können wir Euch - zusätzlich zu hoher Verfügbarkeit - unsere eigens entwickelte Heavy Duty Pulverbeschichtung anbieten.
Gebrauchte Traversen reparieren wir selbstverständlich nach wie vor. 



At HOF, you can get everything from one single source:

From consulting, over construction, static calculation, CNC milling, manual or robotic production to warehousing and shipping.

And from now on, you can also get the powder coating directly from HOF as we now have our own powder coating facility!

A special highlight is our new Heavy Duty coating: With this HD coating, we offer an extremely robust and resistant coating for trusses.


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For the Oslo shows of the unique Norwegian hip-hop group KARPE, the artists wanted a Meta Cube as the main element of the show.

This time it was not a simple flying stage area as in 2017.

This time, the flying stage got a movable "hood" measuring about 12 x 12 x 3.5 metres: the Meta Cube.

Click here for the complete overview of the project.

Special constructions made of aluminium and steel

Crazy ideas and no one to implement them?

Then you've come to the right place.

Lamborghini turntable in the Autostadt Wolfsburg? Check.
400m² movable stage area in Oslo? Check.
Substructure of the new video wall in the stadium of Bayern Munich? Check.
Europe's largest video cube at FC Schalke 04? Check.

No project is too complicated for us!


Powder Coating

Redefining the art of Powder Coating


Powder Coating is now available directly from us!

Innovation and always looking for the best possible solutions are our focus. And that's why we now have our own powder coating facility.  Our fully and semi-automated coating lines enable us to achieve top results.

This gives you greater speed and flexibility when coating your trusses.

Industry solutions

We are a manufacturer of aluminium and steel components and carry out contract welding work.

Our product range includes aluminium products for hall and plant construction and for logistics systems.

We also manufacture individual components and special solutions in close cooperation with our customers, as well as mass-produced products for the agricultural machinery and commercial vehicle industries, among others.

No project is too complicated for us!


Let's talk

Crazy ideas that no one else dares to try?
The crazier, the better!
Feel free to contact us, we look forward to every new challenge and will surely find a solution together with you.


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