Excellent Line Design Stands

Excellent Line offers the perfect balance between purist design and functional technology for first-class room ambience.

The combination of the elegant Design Stands with proven event technology enables sophisticated and first-class solutions.
The technology unfolds its full performance in the audience's direct field of vision, yet is discreetly integrated into the room.

Safety-relevant planning requirements (e.g. impact of persons or hall wind) are statically taken into account and can be easily fulfilled with the optional weights.

Detailed information on each of the lines mentioned below as well as catalogues and product data sheets for downloading can be found on the Excellent Line website.


The D2 and D4 DesignStands form the basis of Excellent Line. Different heights can be built up by simply plugging together square tubes of different lengths.

The load-bearing capacity of the D Line is on a par with large truss lifts.

Supply cables are fed in one piece through the underside of the base plate into the square tube.
Video projectors, moving lights or loudspeakers, for example, can be attached using various mounts.

S Line - the Display stand

The DesignStands S2 and S3 are optimised for use with video displays.

With the off-centre connection to the base plate, even large displays can be held without any problems.

In combination with the proven extension technique and the flexible display holder, stage preview monitors, flat or slanted touch displays, but also classic trade fair displays can be built.
Various options, such as a storage table, complete the S Line.

P Line - the PA Tower

An elegant stage look is a crucial point for gala events or presentations.

The DesignStand P6 accompanies the development of small, powerful line array systems. In tower mode, the DesignStele P6 can raise a line array system to a height of approx. 6 m with a chain hoist.


Drop Line - the variable Drop

The Excellent Line Drop Line extends the possibilities of the D, S and P Line.
If the buildable heights of the D, S or P Line are no longer sufficient, the Excellent Line Drop Line can be suspended variably from a 30 cm or 40 cm wide truss to position speakers or spotlights.

The Excellent Line Drop can be used in difficult spatial situations
situations where a tripod on the floor is not feasible. The pluggable extensions are each connected with two bolts. The truss base can rotate the drop steplessly and, for example, align loudspeaker systems precisely.

Alpha Line - for L-Acoustics

Excellent Line Alpha is the floorstanding system for small and medium-sized loudspeaker systems from L-ACOUSTICS.
The Excellent Line Alpha system is the first system to support L-ACOUSTICS ARCS as a vertical or horizontal loudspeaker array.

The solid base plate can accommodate L-ACOUSTICS Syva Low/Sub, SB15 or SB18 subwoofers and, thanks to eight additional holes, can also be attached to substructures. All components are prepared for electrical equipotential bonding.

Alpha Line - for NEXO

Excellent Line Alpha for NEXO is a flexible DesignStand solution for all NEXO full-range and subwoofer speakers.

Especially in small to medium-sized event spaces, Excellent Line Alpha for NEXO does a great job. The combination of the discreet DesignStand with one of the most powerful PA systems on the market offers new solutions for high-class venues.
The audience can concentrate on the theme of the event and is not disturbed by massive floor stacks or tower lifts.
In addition, the sound reinforcement performance meets the highest demands.

Alpha Line - for d&b audiotechnik

Excellent Line Alpha for d&b audiotechnik enables construction heights of up to 400 cm.
The solid base plate offers space for all basses of the d&b series T, Y and V and can be screwed onto substructures through eight additional holes.
Two different heads offer the possibility to use the d&b point source series T, Y, V, Q and E (from E8) as well as the d&b line source series T, Y, V and Q.
All components are prepared for electrical equipotential bonding.