The HOF i-Series is a cable and channel management system for industry plants and industrial halls. Production plants can be individually and flexibly supplied with electricity, data lines, water, gas and other pipes and lines. With the HOF i-Series, large unsupported spans can be bridged without the need for additional support pillars.

The HOF i-Series is available in 3 different sizes: with 6 meters, 8 meters and 10 meters span.

All 3 systems enable safe channel and cable laying and, thanks to shorter cable routes, there is great potential for cost savings. The i-Series is made of aluminium and has - compared to steel - a very low dead weight.

The connection of the individual elements is made with the so-called connical connector. This connection is extremely simple and, above all, time-saving, which also results in cost savings. In addition, this type of connection has a high load bearing capacity by large spans.





The advantages of the cable management system are:

large bridging for unsupported spans

Safe cable laying

FLEXIBLE SYSTEM: can be converted and expanded at any time

cost saving thanks to shorter cable runs and fast cable laying

The following accessories are available for the HOF i-Series:


Spacer: The spacer this can be used to create a 2nd level for additional pipelines

Suspension points: this allows the system to be suspended from the hall ceiling


Double clamp to create horizontal or vertical additional and variable pipe outlets



LED lamps for hall lighting


Wallmount brackets for trussing



Steel cables, Reutlingers, shackles


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Your contact at HOF for the i-Series:

Matthias Wellmeyer

+49 5452 9733-10

Which cable and channel management system fits best in your hall?

This is how it works:

You tell us which pipes and cables need to be laid and over which lengths and at which heights they should be laid. Ideally, you have your hall plan at hand, otherwise a sketch or the rough hall dimensions will suffice.

You tell us which special technical features must be taken into account (=> for example, must it be possible to place machines and/or production lines at a different location later on, are there special clearance heights or passage bridges that must be taken into account, etc.).
You tell us whether you would like to carry out the installation yourself or would like the "all-in" package including installation.

Based on this information, we will make an initial recommendation as to which size of i-Series would be most suitable and which accessories, if any, would be required.

If necessary, we will clarify all further technical details for a cable support system from HOF during an on-site appointment and prepare your offer based on this.
Everything is free of charge, of course.

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System 220-i

System 290-i

System 400-i


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