Our wide range of products includes the Bestseller MLT Pre Rig Truss Series, aluminium trusses such as the heavy duty BBT Truss, the HOKFON series, the 200-2 Grid Truss, stage roofs in various sizes, couplers and clamps from CJS, the POST Dolly, lighting technology from XOOP Lighting, purist design stands from PG3 NEO and Excellent Line for gala events and conferences, as well as equipment for trade shows and studios.

Other areas such as load monitoring from BroadWeigh, lifting technology from Chainmaster, the Vapato and many more are of course also available from us.


Our MLT Pre Rig Truss Series offers you Pre Rig Truss at its best - "engineered in Germany".
Here you will find our MLT Series.

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BBT, 200-2 Grid Truss, HOFKON and more.
Here you will find our range of aluminium truss.

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Towersystems + Ground Support

For a secure stand and effective assembly.

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PG3 NEO + Excellent Line

The PG3 NEO and the Excellent Line offer the perfect balance between purist design and functional technology for first-class room ambience.

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From exhibition stands to sophisticated architectural lighting: the right lighting technology creates emotions and impressive effects.

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ByB Boost your Booth System

The ByB Boost your Booth System is designed for exhibition booth construction, showrooms as well as stores or shops with high demands on appearance and flexibility.

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Couplers + Clamps

Connecting material to fix lamps to trusses or to connect tubes and trusses to each other.

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It’s not an evolution – it’s a revolution!
The patented Monobloq rigging system is going to revolutionize the way of rigging




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Load Monitoring

BroadWeigh load monitoring offers quick installation and easy handling through wireless operation.

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Dollys + Transportation

Everything for the safe, simple and effective transportation of lamps, trusses and accessories. You can also find the POST (POpup STage) Dolly here.

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Lifting Technology

Safe and effective lifting technology is required to move the truss construction to the right position.

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Accessories such as connectors, base plates, round slings, safety ropes, wall brackets or platforms round off the use of HOF trusses.

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