Let the show begin!

Jan Delay & co create a great atmosphere in St. Gallen

The opening days of the St. Galler Kantonalbank Hall were a full success. Stagelight Switzerland conjured up an impressive show with our products! Our MLT TWO and ONE Pre Rig trusses, the HOFFORK 350-5 and our POST Dollies were used.
The MLT TWO and ONE proved once their strengths, especially when it comes to saving time during set-up and dismantling. The MLT TWO and ONE were used as front trusses as well as trusses for a large part of the stage effect lighting equipped with Robe iForte in the stage area.
Stagelight used our HOFFORK 350-5 for the LED walls on stage. On the stage itself, our POST Dollies, equipped with MLTs, were used for various vertical applications.



For the Oslo shows of the truly unique Norwegian hip hop group KARPE, the artists wanted a Meta cube as a main element for the show. This time, it was not about a simple flown stage area like in 2017. This time, the flying stage got a moveable hood in the sizes of approximately 12 x 12 x 3.5 metres: the Meta Cube.
The complete flown construction was covered with Plexiglass plates and a diffusion film which causes the cube to become transparent or in a frosted glass look. This allowed the group to make changes on the stage during the show without anyone noticing.
Inside the cube was a 2.5 x 2.5m lifting platform, which could be moved up, and which enabled the artists to perform not only inside the cube, but also on the upper platform of the cube above the band. The Meta Cube was an integral part of the light design.

Click here for more information about this project. 
Click here to watch the behind the scenes video from our friends from Event Elevator. 

It rocks!

Special Construction of a catwalk

For the amazing Suspekt concert in Copenhagen we had the pleasure to develop, calculate and produce the Catwalk.
The Catwalk consists of 3m long individual segments and is therefore variable in length. The connection is made via conical connectors with horizontal truss pin direction. The railing can also be dismantled and is connected via conical connectors. The suspension points are separate components and can be adapted to the catwalk.
For this Catwalk, a span of 6m and a load capacity of 250kg/m² was calculated. These key data can be adapted depending on the application.
The time between order and completion was just 12 weeks.
The following elements came from us, HOF: Design and drawing, static calculation and of course the manufacturing.

Video WALL Allianz Arena


... Done!
The substructure for the new 21 x 9m video walls in Munich came from our production.
The customer wanted approx. 200m² video wall, which is more than twice as much space as the previous walls. The challenge was to use the 'old' hanging points for the new LED wall, but these hanging points were quite close, only a 10m gap in between them, in relation to the size of the new wall. We faced a so-called overhang to left and right of each about 5 meters, which is really large.
With the weight of 18 tons per unit (200m² LED screen, 40m² LED screen, under construction and cabling), such bending moments are more than exceptional.

Flying Stage

Oslo Fly High - Fly Higher

In Oslo, Norway, we have installed this 400m² high-end stage using only 39 motor chainhoists.

This stage looks extremely flat because both the HOFBOLT 200-2 Grid Truss system and the special stage platforms are very small sized.
Not only is HOFBOLT 200-2 Grid Truss extremely small, it also has a very high load capacity comparing to its size. 

HOFBOLT 200-2 Grid Truss is therefore often used in: trade fairs, shows, as false ceilings or suspended ceiling and as a rear/back wall construction for stages etc.



An eye-catcher in the Veltins-Arena at FC Schalke 04 - Europe's biggest video cube.
The substructure: made by HOF. The challenges were not to increase the weight of construction, despite the LED screen increase by approximately 30% and the tight time frame of approximately four months, for: design, construction, structural analysis including testing, material procurement, manufacturing and assembly on site.

305 m² LED screen, total weight 30 tons and the weight of the substructure is approximately 11 tons of aluminium.



That is what we’ve also implemented at the Lamborghini Pavilion of Autostadt Wolfsburg.
About a ton-heavy car is on a disc with five meters diameter that is both vertical and through the central axis rotatable.
The aluminum construction is driven by a hydraulic motor.

clear road ahead

Systems for overhead lines

In the field of special constructions made of aluminium, we recently designed, manufactured and installed support systems for tram overhead lines in various spans.

The technical challenge in this project was the static requirements regarding deflection. We compensated for this with constructive preloading.
Furthermore, the construction had to be designed to withstand all weather conditions such as frost in winter or corrosion, as it is a fixed installation outdoors.

For this purpose, we manufactured special 3-point aluminium carriers in various lengths and with screwed joints, as well as support brackets for on-site concrete masts.

Baby Boy Stage


An eye-catcher is our Baby Boy Stage.
The roof can be built in up to 12 different versions.
In its fully expanded version, the stage has a surface of 28x16 meters. The roof has a height of approx. 10 meters from the top edge of the stage platform.
Thanks to is flat roof shape and the special design, most of the rainwater is derived to the back. The optional passive towers allow a roof load of up to 14 tons, depending on the wind zone, construction version and positioning of the load.
The systems HOFFORK 350-4 and HOFFORK 620-4 were used. The ballast of 4 tons per tower is situated directly in the 2-part base, which can be comfortably manoeuvered by forklift or crane.



We develop custom-made designs for all applications.

As we did in Gasteig Munich with a 50-metre rail system, driven by toothed belts, six meters wide, and carry payload of 400 kg.
The four trusses move also in a vertical way with a lifting height of eight meters.



... with 13 meters in diameter and a weight of 1.5 tons lights up Europe’s biggest water tower in Lüneburg.
A combination of the 520-4 HOFBOLT and 290-4 HOFKON systems finds a total of 24 candles on the aluminum advent crown.

The Advent wreath, or Wichernkranz, is lifted up the 56-metre-high tower every year and is not only an eye-catcher, but also solicits donations for people in need.


In the field of special constructions, we equip sports fields with sports facility lighting.
At the customer's request, we offer the projects as an "all-in" solution:
From planning and light calculation to electrical work, control unit, ground anchors, masts, lighting and installation.



With the HOFFORK trusses the SuperStage can be build up to a maximum size of 22 x 15 and 17.5 meters.

Thanks to the variable use of the truss sizes, this stage can be built in multiple sizes.
Additionally the stage can be extended with side storage and a porch-roof from up to 2.5 to 3.75 meters. The roof load is 18 tons without PA wings!